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The Panoramic Eclipse, the world’s first six-star, lavish cruise ship, arrived in Costa Rica on Thursday. Its arrival inaugurated the luxury and expedition cruise season in Quepos.

This yacht brings aboard two helicopters and an expedition submarine. It is 168 meters long by 21. 5 meters wide.

In addition , it incorporates the particular latest naval design and technology for exploring extreme environments, such as the Arctic plus Antarctic coasts or the deep sea. The 17, 000-ton vessel had an estimated cost of US $250 million, and its inaugural voyage was in August 2018.

Both helicopters fit six passengers, take off and land on the ship’s deck. The particular expedition boat can dive to a depth of 305 meters. The advanced eco-friendly GPS dynamic positioning system is designed to allow stationary maneuvers without dropping anchor, eliminating potential damage to coral reefs.

“Cruise travellers on luxurious and journey ships stay longer in the country. Tourists are usually professionals or businessmen with high purchasing power, with an annual income of between $80 thousand and $120 thousand.

On average, they spend $3, 000, which is why Costa Rica is focusing attraction strategies on this type of deliver to remain longer within the nation. It will generate economic momentum in the tourism sector plus port cities, ” said Gustavo Alvarado, director associated with Tourism Management of the ICT.

Scenic Eclipse of the Bahamas-flagged Scenic Luxury Cruises visits more than 70 ports, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites and itineraries in Antarctica, the particular Arctic, the Caribbean, plus South America.

The design of this ship has been made under the complex requirements to face the most demanding conditions associated with storms, extreme temperatures, large waves, or ice presence.

Additionally , this has 114 cabins ranging from 32 in order to 247 m2, and all suites have private service.

The spaces around the yacht are complemented by a good outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a 550 m2 spa, a gym, a yoga, a Pilates studio, plus varied gastronomy.

It also has a theater equipped with the latest technology with regard to conferences and projections, as a team of experts ranging from historians to marine biologists, geologists, ornithologists, naturalists, plus photographers travel aboard.

For the enjoyment of its passengers, the particular cruise ship has kayaks, electric bicycles, snowshoes, and diving and snorkeling equipment, allowing travelers in order to experience all the operating routes of each destination.

Tourists will visit attractions such as Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoy different activities.

On this occasion, the ship found its way to Costa Rica with 62 passengers and 189 crew members regarding a 13-day voyage through San Diego, California, calling at slots in Mexico, Guatemala, plus Panama and nicaragua ,.

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